Where Experience and Passion Meet

A love for food lies deep within the DNA of the executive chef at Bistro Mediterranean & Tapas Bar. They enjoyed cooking with their parents as a child, and their passion later grew through travel, where they savored the tastes and textures of many different cultures. These experiences, coupled with extensive professional training, makes them one of the most innovative and celebrated chefs today.



Honest Cooking

The Bistro Mediterranean and Tapas Bar of Westbrook, CT has a simple philosophy to provide an exceptional meal with superior service.
We hope that every guest at the Bistro Mediterranean and Tapas Bar will enjoy the warm and relaxed Mediterranean-style atmosphere. As in the Spanish and Mediterranean countryside, we provide you a fine dining experience and attentive, leisurely service so you may take the time to enjoy your meal in pleasant surroundings. By using Spanish and Mediterranean influences, we delight in creating innovative dishes, using only the freshest ingredients in the Mediterranean style. Our dishes are not only a treat for your palette but also considered one of the best diets for your health.

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